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Epoxy resin insulation board, glass fiber cloth has the following characteristics: non-conductive, good insulation performance. Epoxy resin insulation board will not corrode, its service life is relatively long, its mechanical strength is high, and it can withstand large pressure. It is a good electrical insulation material. Easy to cut, this is similar to wood and chemically stable.

Epoxy resin insulation board is resistant to acid, friction and high temperature. Epoxy resin insulation board is widely used in machinery, electronics, electrician, electrical, transformer factory, power distribution cabinet factory, which can save large plates, prolong service life and save electricity. Insulation materials, insulation boards, epoxy resin insulation boards, 3240 insulation boards, FR-4 epoxy boards produced by our factory can produce various specifications of insulation parts. The production line has high automation and easy operation, which greatly saves labor costs and improves
production efficiency.

Epoxy resin insulation board fiberboard equipment product specifications: ◆ Length 2440 mm ◆ Width 1220 mm ◆ Thickness 0.3 mm-100 mm.

Note: Special specifications can be scheduled for processing.

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