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Maintenance of electric power engineering equipment. For live operation, safety protection and personnel arrangement should be arranged to prevent accidents. Maintenance personnel should pay attention to insulation protection. Due to the high power consumption in summer, pay attention to checking the operation load of the distribution room regularly, and do not run over time for a long time. Summer rain is increasing, and no water is allowed in distribution rooms and electrical cabinets. Moistened electrical components need to be dry cleaned before they are used and tested without load.

Whether enterprises or individuals should pay attention to the fire caused by aging of electrical appliances and circuits, do some practical and useful measures to eliminate fire hazards. In thunderstorm weather, we should do a good plan for equipment power down. When you patrol high pressure equipment, you should wear insulation boots and do not close to the lightning arrester. After the thunderstorm, there will be no discharge marks in each part. It is necessary to replace the aging meter box in time, so as to avoid the aging of the wire and cause the short circuit to cause the burning of the meter.

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