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Good insulating papers need to have very good arc resistance: the ability of the insulating material to withstand arcing along its surface under specified test conditions. During the test, an alternating current high-voltage small current is used to determine the arc resistance of the insulating material by the arc generated by the high voltage between the two electrodes to make the conductive layer form a conductive layer. The greater the time value, the better the arc resistance.

Stability is another important indicator of insulating paper and is a major factor in the generation of low-voltage insulation aging, which determines its service life. Under normal operating conditions, the electric field strength has only a slight effect on the insulation aging process. When the insulating paper is used in a relatively high temperature environment for a long time, it will become brittle due to heat aging, and gradually lose its mechanical and electrical properties. Insulating sheets are widely used in electrical equipment, so they must meet certain electrical properties. The electrical properties of insulating paper refer to the polarization, conductance, dielectric loss and breakdown characteristics that occur under the action of an electric field. The properties of insulating paper are interrelated and cannot be viewed separately. In the process of selecting and developing materials, it is necessary to comprehensively balance the advantages and disadvantages of various materials. In addition, it is necessary to manufacture insulating paper with good electrical properties. In the production process, impurities such as metal ions and bubbles and moisture should be avoided as much as possible, and the insulating paper should have high uniformity.

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