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Separate the electrically charged parts from the electrically charged parts or with the parts with different potentials, so that the current can flow according to the route specified by the people, and the insulating material is an essential material in the electrical products. Heat shrinkable tube insulation materials are widely used in the field, in addition to generator manufacturing and transmission and transformation equipment, but also widely used in a variety of electrical, electrical products, communications, electronic products, household appliances, transportation, automobiles, rail transport and vehicle manufacturing, aerospace and machine manufacturing and other fields. It can be said that insulating materials are everywhere.

Insulating Sleevings

Heat-shrinkable tube insulation materials widely used, involving a variety of areas, usually pay more attention to the small details of life, you will find everywhere there is insulation material figure. Excellent electrical insulating coating. Good electrical properties, thermal properties, mechanical properties and chemical properties. Many for the varnish, also colored according to the working temperature difference, according to the heat-resistant index can be divided into 90, 105, 120, 130, 155, 180 and 180 above seven grades.

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