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1. Enhance rigidity and hardness. The increase of glass fiber can improve the strength and rigidity of the plastic, but the toughness of the same plastic will decrease. Example: bending modulus
2. Improve heat resistance and hot deformation temperature. Take nylon as an example, increase the glass fiber nylon, the thermal deformation temperature is increased by at least two times, and the general glass fiber reinforced nylon temperature can reach 220 degrees Celsius or more
3. Improve the size stability and reduce the shrinkage
4. Reduce warpage
5. Reduce creep
6. Affect the flame retardancy effect. Because the core effect can interfere with flame retardant system
7. Reduce the gloss of the surface;
8. Increase the hygroscopicity

Glass Fiber Winding Tube

In addition, the length of glass fiber directly affects the brittleness of the material. If the glass fiber is not treated well, the short fiber will reduce the impact strength, and the long fiber treatment will increase the impact strength. In order to make the brittleness of the material not very large, we should choose a certain length of glass fiber.

Therefore, to get a good impact strength, the surface treatment of glass fiber and the length of glass fiber are very important.

Fiber content: the amount of fiber in the product is also a key problem. Our country generally adopts 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 30%, and other integers, while abroad, according to the use of products to determine the content of glass fiber.

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