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The 50kVA oil-immersed transformer required by #Cambodian customers has been installed with poles and is in normal use. Customers from Cambodia received a 50kVA oil-immersed transformer last week and installed it on the utility pole yesterday to prepare for grid connection.

1. Working hours quota: (According to the national quota standard) The total working day required for the main body installation is 21 working days. The work includes: unpacking inspection, body position, body inspection, casing, oil pillow and radiator cleaning, oil column experiment, accessory installation, horn and wheel stop production and installation, supplementary column and overall installation Seal test, grounding, touch up, etc.

2. installation site layout: Baoding oil immersed transformer overhaul and assembly work is best carried out in the maintenance room. If there is no maintenance room, you need to choose a temporary installation site. It is best to choose the Baoding oil-immersed transformer near the base of the Baoding oil-immersed transformer. It can also be installed on the foundation platform. There should be tents on the outdoor site. The temporary installation site must be convenient to transport, the road is flat, and there is sufficient width. The ground should be solid, flat and dry, away from the smoke window and water tower, and the distance from the nearby buildings should meet the fire protection requirements.

3. Designated safety measures: 1 Prevent accidents such as personal electric shock and falling. 2 Prevent insulation from overheating. 3 Prevent fires. 4 Prevent something from falling into the tank. 5 Prevent attachment damage. 6 Prevent Baoding oil-immersed transformer from tipping over.

4. Formulate technical measures: 1 Prevent Baoding oil-immersed transformer core from being damp. 2 How to ensure that the connection parts are in good contact. 3 All parts should be sealed well without oil leakage. 4 How to ensure Baoding oil-immersed transformer insulation and oil insulation.

5. The basic procedures of the installation work: 1 preparation work (tools, materials, equipment, drawings) 2 insulation inspection and judgment (mainly coils and iron core) 3 accessories inspection (should be complete, intact) 4 hanging core inspection (prevent Moisture absorption and tools, parts, etc. fall into the fuel tank) 5 accessories installation (appearance inspection, insulation measurement and strict line test) 6 end work 7 handover test 8 trial operation.

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