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S13-M 30KVA power transformer

The S13-M 30KVA power transformer is different from ordinary oil-immersed transformers.

The description of S13-M 30KVA power transformer

The S13-M 30KVA power transformer is different from ordinary oil-immersed transformers. It eliminates the oil storage tank and uses the corrugated plate heat sink of the oil tank for heat dissipation and cooling. Capacity range: 30 ~ 2500kVA. Each series of products is suitable for 10kV, 20kV, 35kV transmission and distribution systems that can be used for residential areas, commercial streets, industrial and mining enterprises and rural power and lighting. S13-M 30KVA power transformer features are energy saving, no hanging heart, no maintenance, low noise, small size and beautiful appearance.

The features of S13-M 30KVA power transformer

1. S13-M 30KVA power transformer Good oil insulation performance, good thermal conductivity, and cheap transformer oil.

2. It can solve the problem of large-capacity heat dissipation and high-voltage insulation of transformers.

The performance of S13-M 30KVA power transformer

S13-M 30KVA power transformer low-voltage windings, except for small capacity copper conductors, generally use a cylindrical structure with copper foil around the shaft. High-voltage windings use a multilayer cylindrical structure to balance the winding’s ampere-turn distribution. Small magnetic leakage, high mechanical strength and strong short circuit resistance.

Iron cores and windings each adopt fastening measures. The height of the device, the low-voltage lead and other fastening parts are equipped with self-locking lock nuts.

The coil and core are vacuum dried and the transformer oil is vacuum filtered and oiled to reduce the moisture inside the transformer.

The oil tank uses a corrugated sheet which has a breathing function to compensate for the volume change of oil caused by temperature changes. Therefore, this S13-M 30KVA power transformer does not have an oil storage tank which obviously reduces the height of the transformer.

Since the corrugated sheet replaces the oil storage tank, the transformer oil is isolated from the outside, which effectively prevents the entry of oxygen and moisture and reduces the insulation performance.

According to the above five performances, it is ensured that oil-immersed transformers do not need oil change during normal operation which greatly reduces the maintenance cost of the transformer and prolongs the service life of the S13-M 30KVA power transformer.

The high-voltage windings all adopt a multilayer cylindrical structure which improves the impact distribution of the windings.

Low-voltage windings with a capacity in the range of 630-3150kVA adopt a spiral structure, high mechanical strength, balanced distribution of ampere-turns, and good short-circuit resistance.

After the surface of the S13-M 30KVA power transformer is degreased, derusted, and phosphated, the primer and topcoat are sprayed, which can meet the special requirements of metallurgy, petrochemical systems and wet and dirty areas.

The fully sealed S13-M 30KVA power transformer oil tank is used and pressure relief valves, signal thermometers, gas relays, etc that are installed according to standard requirements to ensure the safe operation of the transformer.

This series of S13-M 30KVA power transformer are beautiful in appearance, small in size that can reduce the installation area and are ideal quality S13-M 30KVA power transformer.

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