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Three-Dimension Iron Core

Manufacturing Process: Winding
Compliant with IEC Standards
Customizable solutions according to customer requirements

Product Introduction:

The triangular three-dimensional winding of the iron core reduces the quality fluctuation caused by manual stacking, interleaving, and inserting of iron yokes. After annealing treatment, the no-load current of the winding iron core can be significantly reduced. Compared to laminated iron core transformers, it can reduce 5-6 processes, resulting in higher production efficiency and less susceptibility to human factors. It takes advantage of the high magnetic conductivity of cold-rolled silicon steel sheets, greatly reducing no-load losses and no-load currents.


Three-Dimension Iron Core

Product Features:

1.Compact structure, small footprint.
2.Three-phase balance of the iron core, no generation of third harmonics.
3.Significant reduction in no-load losses and no-load currents, resulting in energy savings.
4.Continuous seamless winding of the iron core, low noise level.
5.Strong resistance to sudden short circuits.
6.Strong overload capacity.


Technical Parameters:

No. ltems Data
1 Model specifications S13-M-RL-200
2 Test turns 32 turns
3 Center line distance 285mm
4 Core window height 285mm
5 Diameter 161mm
6 Diagonal deviation value 0.02mm
7 No-load loss 218W
8 Core curing Passed
9 Detection conclusion Passed

Application Areas:

Three-Dimension Iron Core

Dry-type transformers
Phase shifting transformers
Oil-filled transformers
Single-phase transformers

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