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Three-phase isolation transformer

Three-phase isolation transformer are divided into single-phase (DG) and three-phase (SG) series.

The description of three-phase isolation transformer

Three-phase isolation transformer are divided into single-phase (DG) and three-phase (SG) series.The main function is to isolate electrical equipment from the power grid for safety occasions or anti-interference (mostly D / Y, D / Yn connection) requirements Occasions, etc., there is no direct electrical connection between the electrical equipment and the power supply. Three-phase isolation transformer are widely used in subways, high-rise buildings, airports, stations, terminals, industrial and mining enterprises and tunnels for power transmission and distribution and the use of import and export equipment.

Three-phase isolation transformer is a safety power supply which is generally used for machine maintenance to protect from lightning and filter. Usually, the AC power supply voltage we use is connected to the ground by one line and there is a potential difference of 220V between the other line and the ground. Contact with people can cause electric shock. The secondary of the three-phase isolation transformer is not connected to the ground, and there is no potential difference between any two wires of the isolation transformer and the ground. No one can get an electric shock when touching any wire. Secondly, the output end of the three-phase isolation transformer is completely “open circuit” isolated from the input end, which effectively plays a good role in filtering the input end of the transformer, thereby providing pure power voltage to the electrical equipment.

The features of three-phase isolation transformer

1. Low loss and high efficiency: The inner core of the transformer is made of imported high quality new silicon steel sheet and high temperature resistant glass fiber covered wire.

2, long service life: internal insulation type H-class insulation, insulation heat resistance coefficient is extremely high.

3. The design of the three-phase isolation transformer is scientific and reasonable, and the voltage change rate is low, which can be used at full load for a long time.

4,Three-phase isolation transformer has beautiful appearance that equipped with sliding casters which easy to move and install. At the same time equipped with high-quality high-flow axial flow fans, and equipped with reasonable vents, easy to dissipate heat; light model box, small size, light weight.

5. The panel voltmeter is accurate and easy to read.

6.Various specifications, capacities, and voltages are available for users to choose according to actual conditions.

The main function of the three-phase isolation transformer is to completely insulate the electrical of the primary side and the secondary side, and also isolate the circuit. In addition, the high-frequency loss of its iron core is used to inject high-frequency clutter into the control loop. Use the isolation transformer to suspend the secondary to the ground and it can only be used in the places where the power supply range is short and the line is short. At this time, the system’s capacitor current to ground is small enough to cause personal injury. Another very important role is to protect personal safety.

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