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The principle of booster transformer

The booster transformer means that the voltage is instantaneously started.

The booster transformer means that the voltage is instantaneously started. At present, domestic transformer manufacturers that can effectively achieve instantaneous boosting are relatively rare. The booster transformer has a strong instantaneous starting boosting capability and a good boosting effect. The difference is that the non-excited voltage regulating switch does not have the ability to switch the gear with the load, because this tap changer has a short-time disconnection process during the gear shifting process, and disconnecting the load current will cause arcing between the contacts. Bad tap switch or short circuit, so the transformer must be powered off when adjusting gears. Therefore, it is generally used for transformers that have less strict voltage requirements and do not need to be frequently adjusted.

Transformer is a common electrical equipment that can be used to transform a certain value of alternating voltage into another value of the same frequency. A booster transformer is a transformer used to transform a low-value alternating voltage into another higher-value alternating voltage at the same frequency. It is widely used in high-frequency fields, such as inverter power supply.

High frequency of booster transformer

The high-frequency booster transformer uses a high-frequency voltage doubler rectifier circuit, applies the latest PWM pulse width modulation technology and power IGBT devices, and uses a special process according to the electromagnetic compatibility theory to make the DC generator high-quality and portable. The booster transformer is composed of two parts: control box and voltage doubler, with built-in protection resistance which has voltage zero gate protection, over current and over voltage protection functions. Small size, light weight, easy to carry, convenient, safe and reliable that are suitable for on-site DC high voltage test of power department. The DC characteristic test of lightning arrester and other occasions requiring DC high voltage.

The direct current of booster transformer

DC step-up transformer has the characteristics of small size, light weight, compact structure, complete functions, strong versatility and convenient use. It is especially suitable for power system, industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research departments, etc. to conduct insulation strength test on various high-voltage electrical equipment, electrical components, and insulating materials under convergent frequency or DC high voltage. It is an indispensable and important equipment in high voltage test.

Energy saving and low noise: using high-quality cold-rolled silicon steel sheets for stacking; full oblique joints; using special processing techniques to effectively reduce vibration and noise during operation and the introduction of new materials, new processes and new technologies such as computer optimization design booster transformer are more energy-efficient and quieter.

High reliability of booster transformer: Improving product quality and reliability will be our unremitting pursuit. Carried out a lot of basic research in quality assurance system and reliability engineering and actively conducted reliability certification to further improve the reliability and service life of transformers.

Environmental protection characteristics of booster transformer: heat resistance, moisture resistance, stability, chemical compatibility, low temperature, radiation resistance and non-toxicity.

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