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With the large-scale popularization of vacuum on-load tap-changers, the on-load capacity-adjusting voltage-regulating switch will speed up the expansion of the dry-type transformer and facilitate the renewal and modification of the traditional mode of the power system.

Therefore, China’s “Technical Guidelines for Power Systems (Trial)” stipulates that “for transformers of 110kV and below, it is advisable to consider transformers with at least one primary voltage to adopt load regulation.” The same phase high and low voltage windings of the transformer are wound on the same core leg and are wound by the same main flux. When the main flux is alternating, there is a certain polarity between the potentials induced in the high and low voltage windings. relationship. The non-excited switch can operate for a long period of time at a specified frequency and voltage without exceeding the output power of the specified temperature rise. Refers to the percentage of the ratio of the secondary power P2 to the primary power P1. Generally, the higher the rated power of the transformer, the higher the efficiency. The voltage allowed on the coil of the transformer shall not be greater than the
specified value during operation.

Therefore, for the on-load tap-changer that directly supplies power to the power supply center, under the premise of realizing the local balance of reactive power division, with the change of regional load increase and decrease, with the reactive power compensation equipment parallel capacitor and low-voltage reactor switching , adjust the tap to ensure the quality of the supply voltage to the user at any time.

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