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How to prevent trouble of transformer

ZTELEC GROUP | 20-04-8

Transformers are extremely important electrical equipment in the power transmission and distribution system. Compared with other electrical equipment, the failure rate is extremely low, but once a failure occurs, it will cause serious losses to ind……

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How to dry treatment for transformers

ZTELEC GROUP | 20-04-7

Transformers are humid, especially in the summer, because the transformer is relatively powerful and the power intensity is often overloaded, so the transformer is constantly experiencing new problems. Moisture will cause the transformer to short-c……

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The differences between dry-type transformers and oil-immersed transformers

ZTELEC GROUP | 20-04-2

They are both power transformers and they all have iron cores for magnetic circuits and windings for circuits. The biggest difference is between dry-type transformers and oil-immersed transformers. That is to say, the cooling media of the two are d……

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How to prevent oil-immersed transformer explosion

ZTELEC GROUP | 20-03-31

Prevent the accident of oil-immersed transformer explosion Accidents of oil-immersed transformer explosions occur repeatedly. Because the explosion process of oil-immersed transformers is a relatively slow development process, once the explosion oc……

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What is the main reason influence transformer noise

ZTELEC GROUP | 20-03-27

I. Factors affecting no-load noise The main reason for the noise generated by the transformer core is that under the action of an alternating magnetic field, the size of the silicon steel sheet will change slightly. Since the change period of the m……

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The composition of three-phase transformer

ZTELEC GROUP | 20-03-26

The main principle of the three-phase dry-type transformer is electromagnetic induction, which uses the mutual induction between electromagnetics to transform voltage, current and impedance. Its main components are primary coils, secondary coils, a……

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How to improve the transformer quality

ZTELEC GROUP | 20-03-25

1. Improve the design requirements for the ability of the transformer to withstand short-circuit currents. The symmetrical short-circuit current (thermally stable current) that the distribution transformer bears should be considered as 1.1 times th……

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The classifications of power transformer

ZTELEC GROUP | 20-03-24

1. By function: Power transformers are divided into two categories: step-up transformers and step-down transformers. Step-down transformers are used in factory substations. The step-down transformer of the terminal substation is also called the dis……

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How to select and test transformer

ZTELEC GROUP | 20-03-20

1. Check whether there is obvious abnormal phenomenon by observing the appearance of the transformer. Such as whether the coil leads are broken, desoldering, whether the insulation material has scorch marks, whether the iron core fastening screw is……

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Domestic status of transformer industry

ZTELEC GROUP | 20-03-19

China’s transformer manufacturing industry is an industry full of opportunities and challenges. As long as the technology content is continuously improved to meet the user’s requirements for safe, stable and reliable operation, the mark……

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There are 5 ways to cool oil immersed transformer

ZTELEC GROUP | 20-03-18

The oil-immersed transformer 80°C is a critical value. When it exceeds this temperature, it indicates high-load operation. The oil-immersed transformer will automatically start a self-protection program and automatically trip. If the transformer is……

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Treatment of insulation faults in power transformers

ZTELEC GROUP | 20-03-17

Most transformer damage and faults are caused by damage to the insulation system. According to statistics, incidents caused by various types of insulation faults account for more than 85% of all transformer incidents. For transformers that operate ……

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