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The role of insulating material is to isolate the charged parts of different electric potential in the electrical equipment. Therefore, the insulation material should first have high insulation resistance and pressure strength, and can avoid accidents such as leakage, breakdown and so on. Secondly, the heat resistance is better, avoiding aging and deterioration due to long-term overheating. Besides, it should also have good thermal conductivity, moisture resistance and lightning protection, high mechanical strength and convenient processing.

Epoxy phenolic resin plate is a hard plate insulating material made of impregnated paper, cotton cloth, glass cloth, impregnated phenolic resin and epoxy resin by baking hot press. Epoxy phenolic resin plate has high mechanical strength, dielectric properties, oil resistance and corrosion resistance. It is suitable for insulating parts in electrical machinery and electrical equipment with high demand, and can be used in damp environment and transformer. The heat resistance grade is B grade.


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