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There are two types of epoxy glass cloth laminate, 3840 and 3841, the former is epoxy phenolic glass cloth laminating bar, and the latter is pure epoxy glass cloth laminating rod. Because epoxy phenolic glass cloth rods and epoxy glass cloth rods have excellent mechanical and electrical properties, they are often used as insulation parts in motor and electrical equipment, especially for wet environment and transformer oil.

Exopy Rod

The hot plate is needed in the manufacture of the epoxy glass cloth laminate, and the laminating rod is rubbed into the blank on the hot plate. Then we need to use the roller machine to put the rod between the hot roll and the steel strip. With the rotating friction of the equipment, the rod and the heat roll are rotated in the opposite direction.

At this time the rod is rubbed into the dense core billet under the heat and pressure. Pressing die is the main die for hot pressing of laminated bar. It is used for pressing mould for laminate bar, core laminate bar and molding pipe, generally porous and multilayer die. In the end, it is necessary to use a flat oil press, a rolling machine and a oven.

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