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With the promotion of the concept of low carbon environmental protection, our country’s attention and support to the green energy industry is increasing. As a result, all walks of life actively participate in the process of green development. For example, the environmentally friendly power cables in the wire and cable industry are becoming the favorite of users. So what are the advantages of it?

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1. High flame retardancy. As we all know, the flame retardancy of cables is very important. The cables and cables that fully ensure the safety and fire protection are not easy to burn and fire, and can prevent the expansion of flames.

2. The use of green insulation layer and special oxygen barrier material not only make the environmental cable have good electrical performance, physical and mechanical properties, and ensure that products do not contain halogen, and solve the “two pollution” when they burn. The carcinogenic “dioxin” substances produced by the traditional PVC wires are avoided.

3. High transmittance. The smoke of the environment-friendly wire and cable is very thin and helps to evacuate and extinguish the fire. The transmittance of the product is more than 40%, which is much higher than the standard of the traditional flame retardant cable with the transmittance of less than 20%.

4. Ultraviolet or water high protection: this property can make environmental cables less weathered in use and slow down the aging of environmental cables to a certain extent, and extend their service life.

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