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Epoxy resin refers to a polymer prepolymer containing at least two epoxy groups with aromatic or aliphatic groups as the main chain. It has been a long time from the invention to the use of it. From the beginning of the continuous attempt and continuous failure, until now technology is already very mature. This time, we mainly talk about the history of the development of epoxy resin to help us understand the substance more deeply.

At the end of the nineteenth Century and early twentieth Century, two scientists made a pioneering contribution to the discovery of epoxy resin. One is Lindmann from Germany, he invented a resin – like product. And one from Prileschajew from Russia, he produced an epoxy compound.

By 1930s, scientists in the United States and Switzerland had been able to make epoxy resin. In 1947, it was a very memorable year in which a company in the United States used epoxy resin in industrial production for the first time. Since then, the research of epoxy resin has made new breakthroughs in the fields of electrical insulation, metal bonding and so on. In 50s, the epoxy resin had flourished.

The epoxy resin industry in China is developing relatively late, starting from the 1950s. However, after decades of uninterrupted efforts, China’s epoxy resin industry has grown, now has more than a thousand manufacturers. As a developing country, the level of development of epoxy resin in China can not be compared with that in developed countries, but it is also a leader among similar countries. Throughout the history of the development of epoxy resin, the potential of human beings is really unlimited. It is true that science can benefit the society.

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