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1. Preparation stage

In the mid and late nineteenth Century to the early twentieth Century, the development of synthetic resins (phenolic resin, epoxy resin) and the emergence of electrolytic copper foil technology in many western countries have laid an important foundation and necessary conditions for the advent of copper clad plate.

2. Germination stage

In 1920, Formica invented the phenolic laminates for the first time in the radio products as the base plate. In 1925, the Chareles Ducas of the United States created the insulation material, made the pattern by printing, and then formed the conductor by electroplating.

3. The initial stage of development

In 1936, Dr. Paul Eisler of England proposed the concept of “printed circuit”. According to the inspiration of the printing technology, he used photographic printing technology to form a traverse pattern with acid proof masking layer on the metal surface of the insulating board. Then dissolve the UN covered metal with chemicals, and produce the first printed circuit board in the world. From this point of view, a new industry has emerged in the world electronic industry, printed circuit board manufacturing.

4. Stage of technology development

The early -21 Century (1950-2010) in 1950s

5. High performance substrate material development phase 5G era.

A brief history of the development of copper clad plate in China

1. The initial stage (1955~1978 years) represents product based copper clad laminate.

2. Initial stage of development (1979~1985 years) representing product epoxy glass fiber clad laminate

3. Scale production stage (1986~1994 years), foreign capital, Taiwan capital and joint venture.

4. Large enterprises dominate the market stage (since 1995 to now) Jinan Guoji.

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