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Laminated plastic products are divided into laminated board, laminated tube, laminated rod and molded laminated products by shape and purpose. Copper foil board used for printed circuit and the adhesive paper capacitor sleeve core for high voltage electrical appliances are two kinds of special laminated plastic products.

Laminated board: including laminated paper board, cloth board, glass cloth board and copper foil board.

3248 Epoxy Resin Impreged Glass Cloth Laminated Sheet

① Laminated paper board: insulating paper impregnated with synthetic resin adhesive.With good dielectric properties and mechanical properties, it is suitable for all kinds of insulating structure parts for electrical equipment.

② Laminated cloth board: cotton cloth soaked with synthetic resin. It has good mechanical processing performance, and its hardness, anti-splitting and impact strength are better than paperboard, but the electrical performance is not as good as laminated paperboard. Its purpose is the same as laminated paperboard.

③ Laminated glass cloth board: non-alkali glass cloth impregnated with different synthetic resins. Its mechanical properties, heat resistance and water resistance are higher than laminated paperboard and cloth board, but the adhesive strength is slightly worse. Its purpose is the same as laminated paperboard.

④ Copper clad laminates: phenolic resin or epoxy phenolic resin impregnated with alkali-free glass cloth or cotton fiber paper as substrate, and then electrolyzed copper foil deposited on one or both sides of the substrate, then hot pressed. It has good mechanical properties and dielectric properties as well as high peel strength. They are mainly used as printed circuit board for electronic equipment.

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