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Rolled laminated products: including paper cloth rolled products and adhesive paper capacitor sleeve core.

Diphenyl Ether Laminated Glass Tube

① Paper cloth rolled products: insulating winding paper, cotton cloth, glass cloth impregnated or coated with synthetic resin, after being rolled, dipped and dried. Commonly used resins are phenolic resin, epoxy phenolic resin, modified silicone resin. Paper cloth products can be made into a rod, tube or tubular. Its dielectric properties and mechanical strength are higher than the average plastic products, but lower than the laminated board and cloth board. They are mainly used as insulation components.

Epoxy Laminated Glass Tube

② Capacitive adhesive paper sleeve core: after the paper is coated with synthetic resin, it is dried, hot coiled and heat-treated. In the rolling process, a layer of aluminum foil is sandwiched into every a certain thickness. It is a series capacitor with adhesive paper as medium. It can be used for high voltage transformer and switch.

③ Molded laminates: with insulating paper, cotton cloth, glass cloth impregnated with synthetic resin, then formed by hot pressing mold. It has rod-shaped molded products, V-rings and other special shaped molded products. It has high mechanical properties, dielectric properties and resistance to moisture. It is mainly used as electrical insulation components of motors, appliances and other equipment.

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