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Insulation ladder as the name suggests is insulated ladder. With light quality (only steel 1/4, aluminum 2/3), high insulation, beautiful and generous, it is favored by people. Do you know what material it is insulated from?

In fact, this material is not as mysterious as everyone thought. If you have paid attention to what I wrote, you should be able to guess. It’s the epoxy tube that I often explain to you. This material is immersed in epoxy resin by electrician without alkali glass fiber cloth. The cross section of the tube is made after hot pressing in the baking and molding mold. Has good insulation properties (relative dielectric constant (50Hz): less than 5.5 , the dielectric constant (1MHz): less than 5.5, high temperature (155 C), high mechanical strength, easy processing. It is suitable for electrical work.

Now let me talk to you about the advantages of the epoxy tube used on the insulated ladder.

1. Light quality. The epoxy tube is a synthetic polymer compound with a density of 1.70-1.90g/cm. This feature is not only convenient for people to move, but also conforms to the development of lightweight social products.
2. Anti-high voltage. Its parallel to the breakdown voltage (at 90 ± 2 ℃ transformer oil): ≥ 40KV. At present, the development of high voltage in China has a certain gap to reach its breakdown voltage, so it can be used safely.
3. Beautiful and generous. In this era of individualized pursuit, to stand out, not only high performance, the beauty of appearance is also indispensable. Epoxy tubes have good processability and can be processed into different sizes of pipes according to different styles and sizes of insulated ladder.
4. Long life. It has good corrosion resistance, tolerance, fade and wither. These all add to its life.
5. The price is cheap. Not only to meet the high performance requirements of consumers, but also to meet the low price characteristics. Can be described as high quality and inexpensive.

Knowledge expansion: it is not enough to use high performance materials to prolong the life of the ladder. The later maintenance is also critical. Once the work is completed, the ladder must be cleaned and stored in a dry place. If it is conditional, it is necessary to do a regular test, to find out the problems in time, and to remediate in time.

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