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First look at the meaning of the G10 model, G is the glass fiber English glass fiber abbreviation, and 10 is the glass fiber content of 10%. It is made of imported glass fiber cloth and resin. It is environmentally friendly and has high quality grade. It reaches the EU standard and has no pollution.


Its water absorption rate is very low, almost zero, flame retardant grade to UL94V-0, high temperature resistance 180 degrees, short time over this temperature is no problem. Its strength and voltage resistance are also very good. It will not become brittle and crack under the impact of continuous voltage. For G10 epoxy plate, various machining processes such as cutting, cutting, milling and drilling can be carried out, and made into insulating materials, switches and supporting parts in motor and electrical equipment.

G10 epoxy plate processing parts are very superior and are welcomed by the market. ZTELEC Group produces various types of epoxy plates, which can be processed according to the customer’s drawings. If you have this demand,
welcome to our company to buy. We have nearly 60 years of experience in production and processing, and can solve various technical problems.

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