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The gas device consists of two parts: a conductor and an insulator. The type of insulator is different and the performance is different. It will be used in large quantities in the future. Insulation materials have also undergone major changes and advancements, such as the widespread use of polymer materials, and their future development is also very good. However, the insulating wrinkle paper is excellent as an insulating material, especially a high-voltage ultra-high-voltage insulating material. In some cases, it still maintains an irreplaceable position. Insulation paper made from plant fibers has been widely used, and its advantages are summarized as follows:

① low cost;

② mechanical strength and good bending properties;

③ uniform thickness, size of the circumferential wide range;

④ chemical stability, long life;

⑤ can withstand short-term temperatures;

⑥ After drying after impregnation and good electrical insulating properties “endurance” Great;

⑦ environmentally friendly, it can be reused.

Insulating paper made from plant fiber raw materials also has its disadvantages, such as high hygroscopicity, must be treated before use, flammability, and poor dielectric properties at high frequencies.


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