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Isolation transformers play a protective role in the power grid. In the production process of isolation transformer, the output and input voltage are designed according to the requirements. In general, there are many kinds of specifications such as single phase, three phase or multiple input and output. So what are the functions of the isolation transformer?

1. The isolation transformer has the function of voltage conversion.

2. The interference harmonics introduced from the power supply line and the lightning impulse electromagnetic pulse can be effectively suppressed.

3, the interference harmonics produced by the electronic equipment of this system can be effectively suppressed to other devices (devices and systems).

4. The isolation transformer uses a three phase double winding structure, which has the characteristics of lightning protection and interference prevention. Each winding in the original side is divided into two coils, and the two coilsare coils with two layers of insulated metal foils. The capacitance C (the so-called capacitive isolation transformer) exists between the two coils.
Then, the following two wiring modes can be combined according to the need:
(1): the windings on one side of the three phase four line system should be connected to Z shape.
(2): the winding in one side of the three phase three wire system should be connected into a hexagonal connection.

5. It has the function of filtering anti-interference (such as: it can remove the three harmonic interference functions. ” The odd number of harmonic interference can be removed).

6. The interference harmonics from the power line and the interference of lightning electromagnetic pulse can be effectively suppressed.

Nowadays, under the environment of high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection in all walks of life, developing three phase isolation transformer with environmental protection and energy saving has become the direction for domestic enterprises.

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