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The great development of China’s electric power industry has brought opportunities to the hitherto unknown insulator industry, the whole industry should seize the opportunity, rely on technological progress, the development of new varieties, strengthening quality management, to meet the current demand of electric power industry, especially high-grade porcelain hollow insulator and bushing products market demand.

The development of insulator industry in China has better adapted to the requirements of the development of the power grid. The quality level of the products has been greatly improved, and the manufacturing level of insulators has reached the leading international level, and the performance has been getting better and better. The anatomical examination of several composite insulators with brittle fracture in China has also found that the fracture of mandrel does not occur in the exposed part of the stress concentration of the mandrel, but near the ends of the fittings with sheath seals. It can be seen that the composite insulator rod is rarely broken because of the direct effect of external acid rain.

At present our country fault insulator industry rates were: 3/10000 (high voltage insulator part 1/10000), glass and porcelain insulators for 2/10000; operation situation of lightning arrester is relatively stable; pillar and hollow insulator made great progress; more casing products. To this end, the Ye Ting Lu manufacturing enterprises to further strengthen the quality control, especially the control design, raw materials and process; strengthen the sound, learning and research, accelerate the development of new products to meet the needs of power grid construction; strengthen the supply and demand of communication between the two sides together for the construction of strong smart grid service. There are still some restrictive factors in the rapid development process of the whole industry.

The two problems and solutions of insulator industry at present are: first, the industry concentration is small, and the scale of enterprises is small. The whole industry should solve the problem as soon as the concentration is small, and the two is to work hard to develop applicable basic materials and promote their technological progress.
Insulators are long rod insulated structures with minimal interstage capacitance, and the voltage distribution of insulation parts is very uneven. Although there is a pressure equalizing ring at the conductor end of the product, its voltage gradient is quite large. Although the terminal fittings do not appear corona at normal operation, the field strength is almost the same as that of the corona field.

In the end there is a field of wire products were the highest, the high field accelerates the saturated water medium mandrel exposed along the glass fiber penetration of epoxy resin good to low concentration parts diffusion, anhydride vulcanizing machine so that the epoxy resin can not be uniformly residual and accelerating the penetration of water molecules, the mandrel peripheral position of high field strength with water medium.

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