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Insulated green paper has excellent performance, good insulation, heat resistance, durability and so on. Our insulating crust paper is usually made from unbleached sulphate wood pulp and is made by sticky beating for use in electric motors, power meters, etc. Insulated crust paper also has low tightness and good absorbency. It is made from unbleached kraft pulp and rag pulp in an appropriate proportion. It is made from free staple fiber and used for transformers, starters and open circuits and so on.

Insulated green paper has good mechanical strength, high electrical strength, smooth and tough surface, widely used as insulation material in motors, electrical appliances, instruments and other equipment, and used to make 6250 polyester film composite foil. . The common name for insulating green-shell paper cyan thin electric insulating
cardboard. It is made of wood fiber or mixed pulp mixed with cotton fiber. It is made by a certain process. The thin electric insulating cardboard is commonly used in yellow and cyan colors, yellow is commonly called yellow shell paper, and cyan is commonly known as green shell paper.

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