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Heat resistant and flame retardancy

NOMEX paper belongs to C grade insulation material, and its heat resistance is obviously better than that of epoxy resin insulation material. NOMEX paper insulation can run well at 220 degrees Celsius for a long time. Even if the law reaches 250 degrees Celsius, the NOMEX paper insulation will not melt, flow and fuel, and its
electrical performance can still reach 95% of the rated value; even when the law reaches 350 degrees centigrade, the NOMEX paper can still bear short term operation.

In addition, from the relationship between the oxygen limit index (LOI) and the temperature of the solid insulating material, the flame retardancy of NOMEX paper is also better than that of the epoxy resin. When the NOMEX paper is at 220 degrees centigrade, its LOI>20.8% still has good flame retardancy. So the dry type
transformer used as insulation material can be applied to flammable and easy to be easy to flammable and easy to use. The explosion of the environment.

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