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The epoxy resin grid provides support for the construction requirements. I hope you understand the basic reason about the yellowing epoxy resin mesh cloth.

The standard color epoxy resin fiberglass mesh is white. The epoxy resin mesh cloth is roasted when the temperature is too high to be cured at the time of baking. What is we see the “yellow” epoxy resin fiberglass mesh.

Due to different specifications and materials of the epoxy resin mesh cloth, so the baking temperature are also different. So, we should be based on epoxy resin fiberglass mesh with different sizes, thickness and so on a series of data to adjust the appropriate temperature, to achieve the best effect of mesh cloth.

Otherwise, it will be unavoidable that due to the high temperature in the furnace, the epoxy resin mesh cloth will roast hard and serious, which will cause the heat insulation mesh cloth to roast yellow. If the temperature is too low, the epoxy mesh will be too soft and unbaked. This requires our workers to control the adjustment with years of production experience.

It is hoped that the customers and friends will be able to understand simply, to provide support for the success of the project, in order to use the products more smoothly and to ensure the construction effect.

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