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As an intermediate application product, the development of the CCL and insulation materials industry is also limited by the constraints of upstream and downstream industries. In general, if the upstream and downstream industries experience large fluctuations, it will have an impact on the development of our industry. So, what is the current status of development for these two closely related industries?

First, the development status of the upstream industry

Generally, the upstream industries we are exposed to are glass fiber cloth, epoxy resin, electrolytic copper foil and other industries. The products in this industry involve glass fiber cloth, copper foil, aluminum oxide and epoxy resin/modified resin. In the case of economic fluctuations, it will also affect the price of raw materials, which also affects the production progress of CCL and insulation materials to varying degrees.

Second, the development status of the downstream industry

Our downstream industries mainly include PCB industry, LED industry and electrical materials, rail transit and other industries. Our various types of copper plates, insulation materials and other products can be directly used as substrate materials in the production process of printed circuit boards. Printed circuit boards are widely used in computers, communications, consumer electronics, industrial / medical, military, semiconductor and automotive. And other industries, almost all electronic information products. Among them, computers, communications and
consumer electronics are the three main application areas, accounting for about 70% of the PCB industry’s output value. In addition, various types of insulation materials are directly used in the production of insulation assemblies, and end customers mainly include electrical and
electronic, instrumentation, computers, communications, consumer electronics and transportation.

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