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Insulating paperboard must also have high tightness and withstand voltage strength. It is made of unbleached sulphate wood pulp and is made by sticky beating. It is used in electric motors, electric meters and so on. Generally, there are air insulating paperboard and oil insulating paperboard, etc., and have good insulation, heat resistance, durability and the like.

Electrical insulating paperboard is an electrical cardboard used for supplying motors, electrical appliances, meters, switching transformers, etc. and their components. The purpose of the insulating paperboard is to make insulation materials for air media such as slots, coils, gaskets, protective layers, etc., and also as a partition material in a transformer oil tank at a temperature not higher than 90 °C.

Insulating crepe paper is divided into two types: flat plate and web cardboard, and flat cardboard is thicker than 0.5mm. A roll paperboard having a thickness of 0.5 mm or less is used. The raw materials of the insulating paperboard are unbleached kraft pulp and cotton pulp, and the two raw materials are separately beaten (the degree of beating is controlled at 38 to 42 ° SR). Purified water must be used in production. Pipes and slurry pumps should be cleaned and washed, and impurities containing
conductive components must not be mixed.

Papermaking is carried out using a special insulating cardboard machine. The speed of the vehicle is determined according to the thickness of the papermaking board. For example, paperboard with a thickness of 0.1 to 0.3 mm is used, and the speed is about 22 to 25 m/min. The paperboard with a thickness of 0.4 to 0.5 mm is used, and the speed is 8 to 12 m/min. That is, the thicker the cardboard, the slower the speed. Finally, it is calendered by a calender.

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