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The main applications of composite materials are:

① Aerospace field. As the composite material has good thermal stability, specific strength and high rigidity, it can be used to manufacture aircraft wing and front fuselage, satellite antenna and its supporting structure, solar cell wing and shell, large launch vehicle shell, engine shell, shuttle structural parts and so on.

②The automobile industry. Because the composite material has special vibration damping characteristics, it can reduce vibration and noise, improve fatigue resistance, repair easily after damage, and facilitate integral forming. Therefore, it can be used to manufacture automobile body, force member, transmission shaft, engine frame and its internal components.

③ The field of chemical. textile and mechanical manufacturing. Carbon fiber and resin matrix composite material with good corrosion resistance can be used for manufacturing chemical equipment, textile machine, paper machine, duplicator, high-speed machine tool, precision instrument and so on.

④Medical field. Carbon fiber composites have excellent mechanical properties and do not absorb X – ray characteristics, and can be used for the manufacture of medical X optical machines and orthopedic scaffolds. Carbon fiber composites also have biohistocompatibility and blood compatibility, and have good stability in biological environment, and are also used as biomedical materials.

In addition, the composite material is also used in the manufacture of sports devices and used as building materials etc..



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