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Due to the many unique advantages of epoxy resin, such as high insulation performance, high structural strength and good sealing performance, it was used in the field of electrical insulation in the 1940s. Nowadays, it can be seen in the insulation and packaging of high and low voltage electrical appliances, motors and electronic components.

The insulation cylinder produced by our company is made of high-quality glass fiber impregnated with ultra-low viscosity high temperature epoxy resin and cross-wound under the control of microcomputer. Widely used in oil immersed transformers, H-class dry-type transformers, on-load tap-changers, reactors, surge arresters, SF6 transformers, power capacitors, cable terminations, vacuum circuit breakers, disconnectors, load switches, test equipment, etc. .

The specifications of the insulation barrel can be customized and processed, and the outer diameter is produced according to the requirements of the customer. The wall thickness of the small tube is ≥1mm, the wall thickness of the large tube is ≥3mm, and the wall thickness of the large-diameter insulating tube is ≥5mm. The length can be cut as needed. The color of the product is water green by default, and other colors such as blue, red, yellow, purple, black, orange, brown, gray, etc. can be customized.

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