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6052 polyimide film has a wide range of applications. Today, Zhongtian Electric Group will introduce the prospect of application in the field of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Since the launch of the first artificial satellite, the development and utilization of space resources by human beings has never ceased. The research on aerospace equipment is in full swing. The last ten years, called a solar sail spacecraft is gradually into people’s attention. The spacecraft without fuel, it is produced by the solar radiation in the universe as thrust sailing. Although the thrust is very small, it is very suitable for working in space without air resistance. As long as the sun still exists, it can fly permanently.

The advent of the sun sails is no longer a dream for fuel free space travel, providing a guarantee for people to explore the solar system effectively. The Japanese Academy of cosmos, the solar sail spaceship of Carlos, developed in 2010, is currently the world’s first spaceship, and the sail material used is the polyimide film with a thickness of only 7.5 microns. With the progress of technology, the life and stability of the former space equipment can not meet the needs of the people. The requirements for higher strength, modulus, lighter, and more wear-resistant are put forward. As the main force of Aeronautical and aerospace materials, polyimide is more clear in its development direction.

The great development of China’s power industry has brought unprecedented opportunities to the insulation board industry, and the industry should seize the rare opportunities. Depending on technological progress, we need to develop new varieties and strengthen quality management to meet the needs of the current power industry, especially the market demand of high-grade hollow ceramic insulation and casing products. The development of the insulation board industry in China is well adapted to the requirements of the development of the power grid. The quality level of the product has been greatly improved, the manufacturing level of the insulation board has reached the international lead, and the performance is better and better.

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