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1, The maintenance of the dry type transformer. First of all, porcelain bushing and shell are cleaned. Secondly, check whether the shell, gasket, porcelain bushing has breakage, discharge traces or whether the rubber pad has aging, whether there are any deformation phenomena of cables and busbars, and there should be replacement for ruptured ones.

2, Check whether the busbar contact surface remains clean. The contact surface should be removed from the oxide layer and applied to the power compound fat.

3, Check whether the grounding of the transformer is good, whether the ground wire is corroded and the corrosion should be changed seriously.

4, Fasten the lead terminal, pin, ground screw and connecting line screw. If loose, remove the screws, or contact the contact surface with the thin flat file, or replace the spring washers and screws until the contact is good.

5, Clean the dust around the transformer and the accessories, and check whether the fire protection facilities and the ventilation system are good.

6. Disconnect the ground switch on the high pressure side and lock the high pressure joint. The insulation resistance is measured by the 2500V shake table. The insulation resistance should not be less than 70% of the original data when the transformer is out of the factory. If the failure is not qualified, it should be reported in time.

7, Disconnect the high voltage side grounding switch, check the control line of the transformer field and low-voltage side again. After that, close the transformer’s high voltage side circuit breaker, let the transformer run on trial and take the high voltage side sign.

8, Detailed maintenance test run records.

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