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Diamond Dotted Insulation Paper is made of electrical insulation paper with diamond-shape epoxy resin dotted in both sides. The epoxy resin used in D.D.P. contains a kind of incubative hardener material, it is a dry and crisp material at normal temperatures (below 35 degree C)”

This product has good dielectric and good mechanical properties after being heat solidification. It can be used as insulation material for coils and between layers of oil immersed power and distribution transformers.

Salient features are as follows:

  • New insulating materials for transformers
  • Coils made this paper are able to withstand axial short circuit forces far better than coils made with uncoated papers
  • Helps minimize corona failure caused by a spark discharge through air entrapped between layers of insulating or within the insulating itself
  • Widely used in electrical equipment such as mutual inductance machine, transformer etc. as layers insulating materials
  • Available Width : 625mm, 960mm, 1020mm
  • Tested under IEC 554 ( Part 2 ) 2001

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