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Epoxy laminating tube: it is made by dry heat method. The epoxy sheets are made in the same way as the epoxy plate, but the adhesive content of the fabric is a little higher. The process is simple. First, heat up the core mold and tape. And then open the machine to make the adhesive layer wrap up. Finally, it will slow down the speed of the roll, dry and solidify to get the finished product.


The glass tube is used as a high-voltage insulating structural material in the electrical industry; as a component of radar, rocket, aircraft, etc. in the aerospace industry; as a transdermal material for sonar instruments in the marine industry; and as anti-corrosion in the petrochemical industry Solvent-resistant pipes; are also widely used in other industries.

See here, I think you have a simple understanding of the epoxy laminates. Zhongtian Electric Group Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production and processing of insulation materials. If you have this demand, you are welcome to order.

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