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Box type transformer

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Box type transformer is a complete distribution equipment which is made of transformer, high voltage control equipment, low voltage control equipment. The principle is that through the pressure startup system, sheathed wire, transformer substation automatic system, dc points and corresponding technical equipment, reasonable assembly sequence according to the regulation, and install all components to a specific waterproof, dustproof and rat completely sealed steel box structure, thus forming a specific transformer. The box type transformer used widely in electrical power construction.

The box-type transformer is a frame structure, which is welded by steel. The frame is coated with aluminum alloy plate and a special coating layer is used to make it have strong mechanical properties, weather resistance and corrosion resistance. The combined (box) substation is a monolithic structure, and the steel box is divided into three relatively independent tanks, namely a high pressure chamber, a transformer chamber and a low pressure chamber. The lights in each room will automatically turn off as the door opens.

There is heat insulation layer on top of box type transformer, high temperature and cold zone, the temperature in the box is easy to accumulate, change and condense, heat insulation layer can be added around the box.The transformer room and low voltage room are equipped with automatic temperature control device.

Box transformers are maintained by detachable trolleys.There are four corresponding lifting bolts on both sides of the box base that can be pulled out and pushed, and four supports with the same function on both sides of the top eave.Can be lifted and transported as a whole.

Box type transformer is a set of outdoor, oil transformer and distribution equipment composed of high voltage switchgear, power transformer and low voltage switchgear.This product has the characteristics of strong packaging, small area, small investment, convenient installation and maintenance, and beautiful appearance., strong weather resistance and so on.Widely used in high-rise buildings, residential areas, mines, oil fields, public power distribution, station, wharf and other enterprises and temporary power distribution sites.

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