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Cable paper: Cable paper is made of kraft pulp with thickness of 0.08mm, 0.12mm and 0.17mm respectively. It is supplied in rolls. After the cable paper is impregnated with transformer oil, its mechanical strength and electrical strength will be significantly improved. The electrical strength of the power cable in the air is 6~9×103kV/m, and the electrical strength after drying and impregnating the transformer oil reaches 70~90×103kV/m. The cable paper has sufficient thermal stability in the operation of the transformer, usually used. Wound insulation and interlayer insulation. Cable paper also includes high-voltage cable paper, low-voltage cable paper, high-density cable paper and insulated crepe paper.

High-voltage cable paper is suitable for 110-330kV transformers and transformers, and the dielectric loss tangent is low. Low-voltage cable paper is used for insulation of power cables and transformers or other electrical products up to 35kV. Insulated crepe paper is made of electrical insulation paper by wrinkle processing, wrinkles along its transverse direction, and is pulled apart during stretching. It is often used for the insulation of oil-immersed transformers, such as coil heads, leads and electrostatic shielding devices. Insulation wrap. High-density cable paper is also a kind of insulating crepe paper, which is 100%~150% higher than the electrical strength of ordinary crepe paper, 50% high mechanical strength, high electrical strength, good oil resistance, good elasticity and easy to stretch. An alternative
varnish tape can be used as a lead and insulation for wire connections and bends.

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