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ZTELEC GROUP are leading supplier, importer, trader and exporter of good quality insulation paper in China.

Capacitor Tissue Paper is available with the thickness of 10 & 12 microns onwards. These papers are highly suitable for making metalized paper-film capacitors & standard capacitors.

Salient features are as follows:

Manufactured from 100% high quality sulphate insulating wood pulp

Highly refined & cleaned to ensure uniform thickness & formation

Excellent electrical, chemical & physical properties

Tiny defects minimized to meet safety requirements in manufacturing & applications of capacitors

Suitable for making metalized paper-film capacitors & standard capacitors

Available in continuous rolls with widths of 95mm, 140mm, 235mm, 250mm, 280mm, 355mm, 390mm & 420 mm with roll diameter of 220mm – 250 mm

Also available – customized thickness and width as per the purchase contract

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