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CEM-3 characteristics

If you want to replace the FR-4, you must have all the features and performance of FR-4 in performance. Nowadays, CEM-3 has already passed through a series of improvements such as glass mat, resin system and lamination process. Early CEM-3 has defects such as warpage, poor dimensional stability, and punching metallization quality. In the UL index, anti-stripping strength, insulation resistance, temperature resistance, dipping resistance, water absorption, electric breakdown, etc. have reached the standard of fr-4, the only one is lower in bending strength, now CEM-3 is not a problem in metallized hole processing. The bit wear on the drilling process is extremely low, and it is suitable for punching and stamping.

CEM-3 application

CEM-3 printed circuit boards are now widely used in automotive electronics, telephones, household appliances, instrumentation, fax machines, and copiers.

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