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The alkali-free glass fiber ribbon is woven with alkali-free glass fiber (E glass fiber, alkali metal oxide content, currently specified in domestic not more than 0.5%). Mainly based on shuttleless woven fabrics, according to the fabric structure, it can be divided into plain weave, twill weave, satin weave, herringbone weave, and twill weave.

E-glass fiber ribbon characteristics:
Alkali glass fiber tape produced by ZTELEC GROUP. The appearance is white, smooth, no damage, uniform fabric, good insulation performance, strong tensile force, no wrinkle breakage, resistance to vulcanization, smokeless, halogen-free, non-toxic, pure oxygen non-combustible.

Alkali-free fiberglass belt use:
It is mainly used for tying of motors, transformers, communication cables and electrical appliances, etc. It is also a good FRP substrate. It is suitable for wrapping and flame-retardant flame retardant layers of various flame retardant and fire resistant cables. For XLPE insulated cables, when this series of high flame retardant, oxygen barrier and fire barrier tapes are selected as the cable wrapping tape, and the inorganic paper rope of our factory is used as the filling, it is possible to realize the flame retardant or improve the cable. The flame retardant rating of the cable.

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