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Characteristic one

<1> Chemical resistance

<2> Glossy, partly transparent or translucent

<3> Mostly good insulators

<4> Light weight and strong

<5> It is easy to process in mass production, the price is cheap

<6> Wide range of uses, utility, easy to color, part of the high temperature

<7> Storage of goods can play a moisture-proof effect

Plastic is also divided into general-purpose plastics and engineering plastics, the main purpose is to define the wide range of applications, such as PE, PP cheap, available in a variety of different types of machines on the production. Engineering plastic is more expensive, but the material stability and physical properties are much better, in general, both rigid and toughness of both characteristics. PVC transparent plastic board: the introduction of foreign advanced technology, the selection of imported raw materials produced by a high-strength, high-transparent plastic plate.

Characteristic two

<1> most of the plastic light, chemical stability, will not rust

<2> impact resistance is good

<3> has good transparency and wear resistance

<4> good insulation, low thermal conductivity

<5> general formability, good coloring, low processing costs

<6> most of the plastic poor heat resistance, thermal expansion, easy to burn

<7> poor dimensional stability, easy to deformation

<8> most plastic low temperature resistance, brittle at low temperatures

<9> easy to aging

<10> some plastics soluble in solvents

Plastic can be divided into two categories of thermosetting and thermoplastic, the former can not be re-used to use, the latter can repeat the production. There are basically two types of plastic polymer structure: the first is a linear structure, with this structure of polymer known as linear polymer compounds; the second is the body structure, with this structure of polymer compound Known as the size of polymer compounds. Some polymers with a branched chain, known as branched polymers, are linear structures. Although some polymers are cross-linked molecules, but less cross-linked, known as the network structure, which belongs to the body structure. Two different structures show two opposite properties. Linear structures (including branched structures) Because of the existence of independent molecules, polymers are elastic, malleable, dissolvable in solvents, heat melts, and have low hardness and friability. Body structure of the polymer as there is no independent existence of macromolecules, so there is no flexibility and plasticity, can not dissolve and melt, only swelling, hardness and brittleness. Plastic is the two structures of polymers have, made of linear polymers are thermoplastics, made of body-type polymer is a thermosetting plastic.

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