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The standard JB/T2197-1996 of Chinese machinery industry has classified and named the insulating material products, and established the method of type preparation. The standard divides insulation materials into eight categories, each class is represented by one Arabia figure, and the first category of the largest category code in the product model is classified as follows:

One, electrical insulation products are classified into four categories: large class, small class, variety and specification.

Two, electrical insulation materials according to the application or process characteristics of large categories, and digital representation:
1 — lacquer, resin and glue   2 — impregnated fiber products
3 — laminate products         4 — plastics
5 — mica products         6 — film, adhesive tape and composite products
7 — fiber products              8 — insulating liquids

Three, second digits represent small classes in large classes:
1 paints, resins and adhes:
0. solvent impregnating varnish
1. solventless impregnating varnish
2. covering paint class
3. enamel
4. adhesive paint, resin
5. deposited powder category
6. silicon steel sheet paint class
7. enameled wire class
8. glue class

2 impregnated fiber products:
0. cotton fiber cloth class
2. covering paint class
3. synthetic fiber vamished silk cloth class
4. glass fiber cloth
5. mixed woven fiber cloth
6. anticorona cloth class
7. paint tube class
8. banding class

3 laminate categories:
0. organic substrate laminates
2. Inorganic substrate laminates
3. Anti-corona and magnetic laminates
4. Copper clad laminate
5. Organic substrate laminate tube
6. Inorganic substrate laminate tube
7. Organic substrates laminated rods
8. Organic substrates laminated rods

4 plastic categories:
0. wood flour filler plastic
1. other organic filler plastic
2. asbestos filler plastic
3. glass fiber filler plastic
4. mica filler plastic
5. other mineral filler plastic
6. no packing plastic

5 mica products categories:
0. mica tapes
1. soft mica board
2. plastic mica boards
4. mica Belt
5. commutator mica plate
7. pad mica plate
8. mica foil
9. mica tube

6 film, tape and composite products categories:
0. film category
2. film adhesive tape
3. rubber and fabric adhesive tape
5. film insulation film and film glass cloth composite foil
6. film composite fiber composite foil
7. a variety of materials composite foil

Four, the major categories of electrical insulation materials and small class numbers from 0 to 9 to take 10 numbers, including the number of vacancies for future product variety and the emergence of new materials used.

Five, the basic unit of electrical insulation materials for the species, the same variety of products its main components and the same basic technology.

Six, electrical insulation products according to size (thickness,diameter, length, width, etc.) of the different requirements within thespecies within the specification.

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