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The performance of the insulating laminate depends on the base material and the adhesive and the molding process. According to its composition, characteristics and heat resistance, the laminated products can be divided into the following two types:

(1) the insulating layer of organic base material – wood pulp insulation paper, cotton fiber paper, cotton cloth and so on as the reinforced material. The long-term use temperature is up to 120 degrees C, and the synthetic fiber is also developed as the reinforcing material.

(2) the insulating layer of inorganic base material – inorganic glass fiber cloth, alkali free glass fiber felt and so on as the reinforcing material. The long-term use temperature is 130~180 C, even up to higher temperature, which varies with the adhesive resin.

Laminated plastic products are divided into laminates, laminates, laminates and moulded laminates according to their shapes and uses. The copper clad laminate for printed circuit and the rubber paper capacitor core as capacitive bushing for high voltage electrical appliances are two special types of laminated plastic products.

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