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1. Classification by use
(1) the boost transformer: the power plant conveyed power to the power plant.
(2) the step-down transformer: the substation of the power supply bureau is used as a transform voltage.
(3) distribution transformer: power supply to the user.
(4) plant transformer: providing power for the power plant.
(5) station transformer: provide the internal power for the substation.
(6) converter transformer: DC transmission, one side with alternating current, another side connection valve.
(7) rectifier transformer: power plant for electric power supply.

2. Classification by windings
(1) double winding transformer: used for the voltage change, the depressurization, the factory change and so on.
(2) three winding transformer: for step-down change, contact change and so on.
(3) Autotransformer: used for depressurization, contact change and so on.
(4) split transformer: there are two kinds of splitting and radial splitting, which are used for plant change and start-up.

3. Classification by structure
(1) single-phase transformer: used in 330~1000kV transformer.
(2) three phase transformer: used in 10~500kV transformer.
(3) combined transformer: the transformer is divided into several parts, and then the transformer is reassembled to the site. It is used in the area of inconvenient traffic.

4. Classification by cooling method
(1) oil immersed transformer: used in 10~1000kV transformer.
(2) dry transformer: used in 10~110kV transformer.
(3) SF6 transformer: currently used in 110kV transformer.

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