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Tube Sleeve

Generally suitable for the protection of shorter or more straight pipelines, cable protection, automotive wiring harness, generator set commonly used, after the installation of solid, not easy to disassemble, sealing, insulation, heat insulation, moistureproof effect is better.

Wound casing

Mainly used for valve, bending pipe and other irregular protected by high temperature protection, winding convenient, also applicable to outdoor high-temperature pipelines, such as natural gas pipelines, heating pipes, play a heat insulation effect, reduce heat loss.

Buckle type Casing

Its advantages are easy to disassemble, installation does not need to deactivate equipment, cable, etc., the internal suture has a fire-retardant adhesive tape, only the casing from the middle bonding can play the role of sealing insulation, do not affect equipment production and save installation time. Large-scale smelting equipment commonly used, metal high-temperature hose also used.

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