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Fiber paper is divided into wood fiber, cotton fiber and hemp fiber. The most commonly used is pure sulphate wood pulp fiber paper. The raw material is wood. The commonly used insulating crepe paper tube is made of pine wood in cork, such as yellow pine. Wood, such as white pine, redwood and red pine, is a natural polymer compound mainly composed of cellulose.

The insulating paper manufacturing method adopts a chemical method, such as a sulfate method, in which the main component of the cooking liquid is sodium sulfide (Na2S), sodium sulfide is hydrolyzed to form sodium hydrogen sulfide and sodium hydroxide, and sodium hydrogen sulfide can be used for wood other than cellulose. The reaction takes place and dissolves in the lye. The cooking liquor is mild, so the molecular weight of the cellulose decreases little. Plant cellulose insulation paper commonly used in transformers is: power cable paper, high voltage cable paper and transformer inter-turn insulation paper.

Capacitor paper: Capacitor paper is classified into Class A and Class B according to the requirements of use. Class A capacitor paper is used in metallized paper dielectric capacitors for the electronics industry. Class B is mainly used as an interelectrode medium for power capacitors. Capacitor paper is characterized by large tightness and thin thickness. Generally, current transformers often use capacitor paper, and transformers are used more.

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