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The copper clad plate is the basic material of the electronics industry. It is mainly used for manufacturing printed circuit board (PCB). It is widely used in electronic products such as TV, radio, computer, computer, mobile communication and so on.

Copper clad plate, refers to the base material such as paper and glass fiber cloth, impregnated with resin, made of adhesive sheet (adhesive paper and rubber cloth), and combined with several pieces of adhesive sheet, one side or double side with copper foil, and made by hot pressing.

The copper clad laminate is divided into glass cloth based copper clad laminate, paper based copper clad laminate and composite base copper clad laminate (FR4, CME-3).

The conventional PCB substrate material is copper clad laminate. At present, most of the production methods in the world are intermittent. It is mainly completed through four major processes: the synthesis and preparation of resin liquid (gum making), the dipping of semi finished products, drying (sizing), laminating (pressing), shearing and packing.

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