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DMD insulation paper during storage, proper storage and use can ensure the insulation properties of insulation paper. Although insulating paper has good insulation, its performance will be greatly reduced if it is used or stored improperly. Therefore, in order to avoid the failure of the insulation paper, it is necessary not only to preserve it, but also to strictly follow the regulations in actual use to ensure that the insulation performance of the insulation paper is fully exerted.

Insulating paper is an insulating material that is extruded by epoxy resin. Therefore, when storing or transporting, care should be taken to prevent the surface of the rod from being scratched or the thread is damaged. Regarding the storage position of the insulating paper, try to choose a well-ventilated and clean and spacious space, and suspend it to prevent it on the special material of the brake rod frame, and be handled by a special person. Be careful not to let the insulating paper come into contact with the wall to prevent moisture. Once the surface of the insulation paper is wet or damaged, it must be disposed of in a timely manner.

Insulation materials are mostly used in different types due to physical properties, temperature, humidity, chemical resistance, etc. Insulation paper is one of them; insulating paper can be used according to the thickness of the insulation, and the staff can The actual required length is adjusted; the insulating paper tape is cut into various widths under the premise of the original insulating paper, which can effectively control the cost, save time and improve efficiency, and reduce many troubles; the insulating paper tape is also processed due to the processing environment. It is neat and tidy, and can effectively guarantee the performance of his insulating medium and gray damage.

In order to check the performance of the insulating paper, it is required to conduct an AC withstand voltage test every year. For the unqualified insulating paper, it should be scrapped and destroyed immediately, and the standard application should not be reduced; it should not be put together with the qualified insulating rod. In order to ensure sufficient insulation safety interval during operation, the insulation plate of the insulated operating rod must have a length of not less than 0.7m. At the same time, it must also meet the high compressive strength, corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, mechanical strength and light weight in terms of performance. Basic requirements such as portability and operation.

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