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We all know that chemical fiber paper tube machine automatic elbow machine is a large number of paper tube machinery kind of, in this small part is not introduced in detail, but inverter for paper tube machinery Energy-saving transformation.

In fact, it is precisely because of the following characteristics of the paper tube machine inverter, the paper tube machinery to achieve energy saving: 1. Low frequency torque output 180%, low frequency operating characteristics of 2. Maximum output frequency 600Hz, can control the high speed Motor 3. Rich and flexible input, output interface and control mode, versatility 4. A full range of detection and protection functions (over pressure, undervoltage, overload) in the blink of a sudden blackout 5. High-speed shutdown response Fast 6. Acceleration, deceleration, Stall prevention and other protection functions in the dynamic Turn 7. Automatic identification of the motor parameters to ensure the stability and accuracy of the system 8. The use of SMT full mount production and three paint treatment process, product stability of high 9. Full range of the latest Siemens IGBT power devices to ensure high-quality quality.

Everyone sees things in different ways, but the little part here to say, no matter from which angle can not only look at the surface of things, their internal structure is often the source of inspiration, chemical fiber paper tube machine automatic elbow machine is such, who would think of the biggest feature of inverter is to help save energy?

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