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As a new transformer product, dry phase shifting rectifier transformer was born and developed rapidly. As far as the world is concerned, the dry-type phase shifting rectifier transformers are developed in a series of direction, and in order to reduce the harmonic content, the phase number of phase shifting rectifier transformer is more and more, and its capacity is also developed to a high level.

The new technology is used to improve the mechanical strength and moisture resistance of the winding, the resistance to pollution, the fire resistance and the radiation resistance, and the ability to resist the sudden short circuit. The step step iron core joint technique is used to reduce the noise. At the same time, we pay more attention to the computer optimization design, make the transformer more energy-saving, increase the research on the intelligent aspects, and strive to make the transformer have the functions of data processing, state control, state display and so on.

Phase-shifting is mainly used in power transformers of high voltage frequency conversion units, and its operation is directly related to whether the frequency conversion units can operate normally. The ventilation and cooling system of the transformer room should be sufficient to make ambient ambient air temperature below the prescribed maximum temperature limit. The upper row air volume must be greater than or equal to the total exhaust volume of the bottom fan of the transformer, so that the transformer can run well.

The over current, overvoltage, short circuit impact and transient overvoltage caused by the internal or lightning of the power system in the high voltage and low voltage power units of the whole frequency conversion unit should have sufficient protection for the transformer. The installation site should be free from filth, dust, conductive dust and moist salt fog.

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